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                                Conference Program      


Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Conference Registration

Conference & Exhibition Center


Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Opening Ceremony




Chair:  WU Jianzhong, Director, Shanghai Library, China



Welcome Speech: Ms. MIAO Guoqin, Chairperson,     Shanghai Library Council, China



Speeches: Representatives of Cultural Ministry of P. R. China and Shanghai People's Municipal Government






Keynote Speech




The Library and the City: Evolving Concepts
Alex BYRNE, IFLA President-Elected, Australia






Coffee Break






Humanistic Spirit of Library in Modern Urban Development
CHEN Li, Vice Director of the National Library of China, China






Semantic World-Wide-Web and Digital Library



Eric MILLER, W3C Senior Researcher, the United States







Nanying Hotel Restaurant





Plenary Session

Multifunctional Hall



The Public Library: An Agency for Social Inclusion or Exclusion



Yoshitaka KAWASAKI, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University, Japan






Sharing the Treasures of the Asian Collection in the Library of Congress



Hwa-Wei LEE, Library of Congress, the United States






A Library- a Silent Sign in City Development



Marian KOREN, IFLA GB, Netherlands Public Library Association, the Netherlands






Coffee Break






Experiences in Development and Delivering Lifelong Learning Programmes for Singaporeans by the National Library Board



Tay Ai CHENG, National Library Board, Singapore






Interactive and Complementary: Development of Shanghai City and Its Libraries
Wang Shiwei, Shanghai Library, China






                      A Tour of Shanghai Library


Welcome Reception

Tu An Hotel Restaurant


Thursday, October 14, 2004


Concurrent Session I
Library and Lifelong Education
The 3rd China-Japan International Seminar of the Librarianship

Multifunctional Hall



The Role of Public Libraries in Gerontological Education



Ryoko TAKASHIMA, Hokuriku Gakuin Junior College, Japan






Shanghai Public Libraries and Lifelong Education
LIN He, Shanghai Library, China






Library Services to the Visually Handicapped in Korea: Changes in the Information Environment and Role of Braille Library
Ji-Hyun KIM, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University, Japan






Coffee Break






Library as a Provider of Lifelong Education: e-Learning Programs Provided by Feng Chia University Library



Paul W.T. POON, Education and Manpower Bureau Library of Hong Kong, China






Analysis of Child Protection in Public Libraries



Minoru MAEDA, Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan






Reader's Education Practice in Shanghai Library



JIN Hongya, Shanghai Library, China






User Instruction Program for Freshmen at the Education Library, Shiga University



Machiko SAKURAI, Education Library, Shiga University, Japan






Library & Internet as Information Resources: Characteristics and Credibility of Internet Resources in Japan
Hiroki TAKAKUWA, Osaka Kyoiku University, Japan







Nanying Hotel Restaurant





Library and Lifelong Learning



Margaret C. FUNG, Chinese American Librarians Association






Continuing Professional Education for Librarians: International Trends



Nancy LEE, Graduate School of Integrated Human Studies, Kyoto University, Japan






Coffee Break






The 3rd China-Japan International Seminar of the Librarianship
Library Services Supporting Creative Life

Multifunctional Hall



WU Jianzhong, Director, Shanghai Library, China
 Yoshitaka KAWASAKI, Nippon Association for Librarianship, Japan




The Public Library and Lifelong Education in Japan: An Overview



Genjiro YAMAGUCHI, Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan






Library Services for the Women's Empowerment: Activities of the Library, Osaka Prefectural Women's Center



Miyuki KINOSHITA, Osaka Prefectural Women's Center, Japan






Library Knowledge ServiceMeeting the New Requirement in the Development of Shanghai



LIU Xiaodan, Shanghai Library, China






China-Japan Comparison of the Copyright Consciousness in Library Activity



BAO Yanming, Shanghai Library, China






Concurrent Session II
The Reference Services and Research

Seminar Room 5206



Management and Development of e-Reference Services: Some Implications for Education and Training of Library Staff



Ian M. JOHNSON, The Robert Gordon University,
 the United Kingdom






The Application of IFLA Digital Reference Guidelines in Chinese Libraries



FENG Jieyin, Shanghai Library, China






Coffee Break






The Reference Librarian in the Academy----Coming Full Circle?



Bryson CLEVENGER, University of Virginia,
the United States






Free Desktop Document Delivery Service to All Library Users----A U.S. Flagship Academic Library's Success Story



Zheng Ye (Lan) YANG, Texas A&M University,
the United States







Nanying Hotel Restaurant





The Metropolitan Library as a Meeting Place in a Digital and Multicultural Context: the Case of Oslo



Ragnar NORDLIE, Oslo University College, Norway






Various Problems to be Occurred on Mutual Usage of Service Recipient Registration Card



Kiyoshi NAKANO, Osaka City University, Japan






Reference Services for Academic Staff in a Chinese University and an English University



Austin MCCARTHY, Northumbria University,
 the United Kingdom






Coffee Break






Panel Discussion






Concurrent Session III
The Digital Library & Digital City

Projection Room 5304



RFID System and its Application in Library



WU Xi, Shenzhen Library, China






Digital Library and the Learning Support Service in Distance Open Education



ZHANG Jianping, Nanjing Normal University Library, China






 Coffee Break




The Triangle of Change: Digital Reference Resources



Glenda ROWSELL, Blackwell's Book Services, Australia






Implementing Digital Map Libraries Using Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics



Venkatesh RAGHAVAN, Osaka City University, Japan


  an Innovative Digital Library
Antonella BASSETTI, Milan City Library, Italy



Nanying Hotel Restaurant





Turning Digital Divide into Digital Combine: Effecting Public Digital Library Systems to Serve the Entire Populaton of China



Angela LEW, California State University, Oviatt Library,
the United States






Digital Library Researches in Tsukuba: Metadata-Centric Studies and Lessons Learned



Shigeo SUGIMOTO, Graduate School of Library, Information and Media Studies, University of Tsukuba, Japan






Metasearching and Its Implementation at CSULA Library



Holly YU, California State University, the United States






Coffee Break







Russian Digital Libraries: an Overview of Latest Development
Galina KISLOVSKAYA, Russian State Library, Russia

Content Management Solution for the Library Applications



International Business Machines Corporation




Concurrent Session IV
The Library and City's Knowledge Infrastructure &
the World Expo

Seminar Room 5205



Libraries and Its Impact on Municipal Infrastructure



Wolfgang RATZEK, University of Applied Sciences, Germany






City Development and Library Services



XI Shuping, Tianjing TAIDA Library, China






Coffee Break






A Probe into the Learning Society based on Libraries and Active Lifelong Learning Pattern



YE Ying, Zhejiang University, China






Synergies of Effectiveness in a Diverse Consortia Community: the Opinions of the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Neighborhood



James K. BRACKEN & Guoqing LI, Ohio State Library,
the United States





  Teaching from World's Fairs Collections
Patricia Kosco COSSARD & Yuezu YU, University of Maryland, the United States



Nanying Hotel Restaurant





The Chinese Community Library and the Building of the City Knowledge



HU Yingfang, Hubei Province Library, China






Transformation of the Librarianship in the Digital Era



 Harumi YAKUSHIIN, Osaka Shoin Women's University, Japan






The role of the Russian State Library in the Creation of the Information Society



Natalia STAROSTINA , Russian State Library, Russia


  Library Systems in The Hague  


 Johanna M. ROOS, City Library of The Hague, the Netherlands




Coffee Break






Government Information and Roles of Libraries and Archives: Recent Policy Issues in Japan



Takashi KOGA, National Institute of Informatics, Japan






World Expo and City Libraries



WANG Zongyi, Shanghai Library, China






Changing along with Our Community



Maggie WANG, Bruggemeyer Memorial Library,
the United States




Closing Ceremony

A Cruiser along the Huangpu River



Closing Speech:



Ms. MIAO Guoqin, Chairperson,  Shanghai Library Council, China





Friday, October 15, 2004



Conference Venue
Multifunctional Hall, 4th Floor, B Section, Shanghai Library;
Auditorium, Seminar Room 5205, 5206, 2nd Floor, D Section, Shanghai Library;
Projection Room 5304, 3rd Floor, D Section, Shanghai Library

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