Keynote Speakers

Claudia Lux (Germany)

Claudia Lux is IFLA President-elect 2007-2009 and a member of the Executive Committee. She is also Chairperson of the German Library Association and Director of the Berlin Central Library. She has published many books and her researches cover many fields, including the Chinese library, librarian’s salary, retrospective conversion cost, out-sourcing, virtual library, opportunity management and the German library system.

Steve O’Connor(Australia)

Steve O’Connor is the Chief Executive Officer of CAVAL Collaborative Solutions and the Editor of the international peer reviewed journal Library Management. Previously he was University Librarian at the University of Technology, Sydney (1990-1999). He has published over fifty articles. He has researched, published, spoken, consulted and taught extensively in the areas of change, organizational management, educational priorities, information technology, the architecture of information and delivery systems, scenario and strategic planning, and the wider library and information environment.