Second Announcement

Time: August 24~27, 2010
Venue: Hangzhou Public Library
Hosts:Hangzhou Public Library
Shanghai Library/ Shanghai Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai

  • Theme
  • City Life and Library Service

  • Call for Papers
  • The 5th Shanghai (Hangzhou) International Library Forum (SILF) will be held on August 24~27 in Shanghai and Hangzhou.

    The biennial forum, conducted in the era of quickened growth of information industry and globalized development of libraries, provides opportunities of brainstorming centering on the latest progress, innovative measures and future trends of library science and service. With the intensified coverage of media and wide recognition from the library circle, the convening of the forum, combining keynote speeches, plenary session and individual seminars, appeals to over 300 participants for participation at home and abroad, among who are IFLA senior officials, library directors, professionals and experts from the information sector, researchers and people from other fields.

    Expo 2010 Shanghai China will take place between May 1 and October 31, 2010 in Shanghai with the theme of ‘Better City, Bette Life’. It would become a pageant for city life discussion, a symphony with the melody of technological innovation and cultural blending as well as a splendid dialogue between nations and cultures.

    The forthcoming Forum coincides with World Expo and will include the 7th Chinese-Japanese International Seminar for the Librarianship.

    Hangzhou is historical and cultural city reputed as ‘Paradise on Earth’. The host libraries are now extending warm welcome to domestic and overseas colleagues alike to join the academic exchanges while celebrating meanwhile Expo 2010 Shanghai China.

    The topic of this forum is "City Life and Library Service".  To facilitate in-depth discussions, subtopics are designed as follows,
    I.Libraries and Multicultural Service
    II. Libraries and Community Well-Being
    III. Library Performance Evaluation
    IV. Library Support for Innovation and Strategic Decisions
    V. Library Service in Cloud Computing Era

    Submitted papers shall be original research contributions or summaries of practical experience, which have not been published in any other periodicals or proceedings. Please submit the abstract to the Organizing Committee ( prior to March 15, 2010 and the full text before April 30, 2010. All the papers will be peer-reviewed by the Program Committee of SILF 2010 before the selected few get collected in the proceedings of the conference for official publication.

    2010 SILF Paper Format (Please furnish the following information):
    · Title of paper
    · Abstract describing the content of the paper (no more than 300 words)
    · Author(s) and Organization
    · Means of communication including e-mail address, phone and fax
    · References
    · Microsoft Word format